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This book has been a long labour of love spanning many years and is my humble tribute to three family members who served in The Great War.

My great-uncle, Philip Reginald, was just a 16 year old boy when the First World War started. A Midshipman, he was sadly only to reach 18 years of age at his death on the battlecruiser HMS Queen Mary at Jutland on 31st May, 1916.

His first cousin from Sydney, John Malet (Jock) Armstrong was late in arriving at War in 1918 (aged 18 years). He too was a Midshipman on the battlecruiser HMS Australia. Never seeing or engaging the enemy, he survived.

My great-grandfather, Harold Ackroyd, was a 38 year old Doctor, who did not sign up to join the RAMC until January of 1915. This was because his last born child, Tony, was born in October of 1914.

As the Medical Officer attached to the 6th Battalion, Royal Berkshire Regiment, he saw service on the Western Front in both France and Belgium. Harold was to pay the ultimate sacrifice during the Battle of Passchendaele (3rd Ypres) in August 1917, the exploits for which he was to earn, posthumously, the country's highest decoration - The Victoria Cross.

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Edward F Malet de Carteret